Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Think Higher

A boy was standing near a very expensive CAR and was admiring it. The man, who owned the car was watching him from a distance and thought of letting the boy sit in the car and have a feel of it.

Man: Hi! Would you like to have a ride in the CAR
Boy(Enthusiastically Replies): Yes! Why not - I was admiring your CAR.

(After the ride)

Boy: It is amazing CAR, it must be really expensive one, How much did you pay for it?
Man: I really dont know, it was a Birthday Gift of mine given by my elder brother.

(Boy still looking at the CAR)

Man: I know, whats going in your mind - you also want a brother like him!!
Boy (thinks and replies): NO! I WANT TO BE THE BROTHER LIKE HIM INSTEAD!!!

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